Anne Catherine Schaub Jones, Head hunter

Stéphanie has been my yoga instructor for over 4 years – face to face in Hanoi and online in South Africa. She has been able to immerse me in my yoga practice in a way I had never experienced before. Approaching yoga as a holistic practice, while still holding her students to high standards, Stephanie’s teaching style encourages new students to see themselves and their bodies in a way that’s both challenging and empowering.

Before yoga, I was focused on endurance sports and ignored the pain in my lower back and shoulder. Stephanie approached my issues and concerns with understanding and determination, helping me overcome both physical obstacles and mental blocks. She emphases the connection between one’s mental state and physicality in her work. Her instruction consists of equal parts meditation and asana practice, approaching obstacles with a firm hand and an insistence on her student’s ability to achieve their goals. Her love and belief in people also enhance Stephanie’s artistic, creative, and rewarding approach to teaching yoga to people. Not to mention her very good sense of humour and contagious smile! 

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