Leila Bello, Head of Primary School

Who better than Stephanie Estelea can you have your kids be taught yoga by?

At our bilingual kindergarten in Hanoi, she was the teacher of the « Yogini » class as an after school activity to 3 – 6 year old’s. For children this young, it can of course be scary to think of whether they will participate or follow the course; but this wasn’t a problem to Stephanie. She managed to develop and inspire children in a mindful, positive and constructive way by having so much fun! She is so well organized and multifaceted with for example her 3 or 4 year old’s working on balance with poses like the “Tree” pose while she had assigned the older students to work on balance with Dancer or other more challenging poses. Not only was she teaching yoga but also introduced meditation and mindfulness to the kids. She had plenty of fun games and crafts to create together. Many parents to this day remember her “Glitter Jar” game and all the animals they made with their bodies!

Kids absolutely loved her class as they were exercising, and in the meantime were also learning social and emotional skills. All in all, Stephanie always made sure that her classes were in fun and engaging ways; a gifted and inspiring educator. We will miss you and your future students are very lucky and fortunate!

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